Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Businesses/Business Licensing

    • Are Business Licenses transferable?

    • How long is a Business License valid?

    • What is the cost of a Business License?

  • Pets/Pet Licensing

    • How many dogs and cats can I have?

    • How much is a Dog License?

    • I have an animal emergency

    • I no longer have my dog?

    • What do I do if I have more than 3 dogs and cats combined?

    • What is required for a Dog License?

    • Where can I get rabies vaccinations?

  • Senior/Social Services

  • Water and Sewer Billing

    • Are trash fees on my water bill?

    • Don’t I already pay for sewer service through other city taxes, etc?

    • How can I pay my Water bill?

    • How do I know what my sewer charge is?

    • How do I report water issues?

    • How do I start new water service?

    • How is the sewer charge assessed?

    • How is the sewer charge collected?

    • What is the fee for condominiums or townhomes?

    • When is my water meter read?

    • Who is my water provider?

    • Why is the sewer charge collected via the property tax, and not the water bill?

    • Why is there a sewer fee?

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