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The Zoning Ordinance, located in Title 17 of the Norwalk Municipal Code, is designed to implement the goals of the General Plan through detailed regulations. Each property in the City is designated a certain zone. The Zoning Ordinance, in turn, establishes the types of uses permitted, the location, intensity, and size of structures within each zone.


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There are two primary functions of the Planning Division: current and advanced planning.

Current planning involves the review of development projects, including anything from bedroom additions to residential subdivisions and new commercial centers. Projects are reviewed for matters such as compliance with zoning regulations, the effect the project will have on the environment, and compatibility with neighboring uses. 

Advanced planning, on the other hand, involves the establishment of regulations and long range plans for land use and development within the City. The type, size, location, and appearance of development on each property is determined through the advanced planning process. In essence, it establishes the objectives and framework under which current planning can effectively occur. 

General Plan

The General Plan is a policy document that represents the official statement of the City regarding its social, physical, and economic goals. The adopted General Plan includes chapters on land use, circulation, housing, conservation, open space, noise, safety, community design, educational and cultural resources, and utility infrastructure. The General Plan determines the potential growth of the City, including residential, commercial, and industrial growth; then, it establishes goals to accommodate that growth. The Land Use Map is available by clicking Land Use Map throughout this page or following the Online Documentation link below.

General Plan

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Educational and Cultural Resources

Utility Infrastructure

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