Coyote Wildlife Watch

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Wildlife Watch is a multi-agency partnership program that provides support and training to local governments and community groups to help them design and implement their own nuisance wildlife action plans. The program is intended to reduce human-wildlife conflicts in California’s urban environments by empowering local governments and community groups to proactively address, prevent, and manage nuisance wildlife issues in their own neighborhoods. 

To become better stewards, we first must agree that urban wildlife conflict is everyone’s responsibility. We then must make the decision as stewards to take responsibility for it. Government agencies can’t solve this problem alone. Support and participation of the public is needed for it to succeed.

Volunteers who take an active role in this program will assist the City in educating neighborhoods regarding coyote behavior, activity, attractants, proper hazing techniques, and may also assist with coyote hazing.

 If you would like to volunteer for the Wildlife Watch program, please call Norwalk Public Safety at (562) 929-5732.





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