The Community Emergency Readiness Training (CERT) is an all-risk, all-hazard life safety skill training program. This valuable course is designed to help you to protect yourself, your family, your neighbors and even your neighborhood in an emergency or disaster.

The CERT program provides you with life safety skills to effectively and efficiently help yourself and others in emergencies without placing yourself in unnecessary danger.  This training does not prepare you to perform at levels of professional responders; rather provide you with the ability to perform the tasks you would naturally do in an emergency, but in the safest way possible.  CERT Training includes:

  • How to organize family, neighbors and strangers to work together during a disaster.


The Norwalk ACERT program is an Advance Community Emergency Response Team where community members apply to participate as City affiliated volunteer disaster service workers.

The ACERT program consists of 3 established teams of experienced and skilled community members trained to support the City’s emergency services capabilities when needed.  Each team consists of a team leader, team safety officer, team medic, and specialized group leaders. 

ACERT members are trained in skills used to support professional responders including traffic control, crowd control, First Aid, mass casualty incident management, and more.

ACERT members must successfully complete an application and background verification process.  ACERT applicants must have successfully completed the Basic CERT training and must be free of criminal history.  ACERT members are not required to be Norwalk residents.

For more information please contact Eric Wosick at  ewosick@norwalkca.gov or (562) 929-5732.

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