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The City of Norwalk continues to dedicate itself to combating homelessness, especially with the increases in persons experiencing homelessness within the City, County and State. By working with agencies, and local groups, the City of Norwalk will effectively address homelessness, and improve the overall quality of life for all, by implementing action-oriented solutions.

The City of Norwalk has experienced a significant increase in its total homeless population, from 256 people in 2016 to 469 people in 2017.  Although Norwalk saw an increase in the City’s sheltered count the majority of the increase was in the unsheltered count that includes those living on the streets, in cars, or other places not meant for human habitation (from 159 in 2016 to 279 in 2017). This increase is similar to the increase in homelessness experienced by neighboring cities in Service Planning Area (SPA) 7, other cities across Los Angeles County, and the entire West Coast.  Of those living unsheltered in Norwalk on the night of the 2017 Point In Time (PIT) Count:

• 27% (74 persons) were living outside 
• 56% (155 persons) were living outside in a tent or other form of makeshift shelter 
• 18% (50 persons) were living in a car, RV, or van.

Regarding those counted as sheltered, it should be noted that the City of Norwalk does not have a shelter so all sheltered persons on the night of the PIT Count were staying in motels through the provision of vouchers by the County Department of Public Social Services. 

Because of the vulnerability of the homeless population and the increases in persons experiencing homelessness within the City, the City of Norwalk committed to creating a homeless plan that will guide the City over the course of 3 years with preventing and combating homelessness. 

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For more information regarding the Homeless Plan, call (562) 929-5544 or email us at:

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