In response to California's drought conditions, the City established several new landscape regulations for private property, allowing for a portion of front lawns to be removed and replaced with drought tolerant landscaping or artificial turf. Further, the City Council adopted regulations for parkways within the public right-of-way (that landscaped area between the sidewalk and the curb and gutter).

Important highlights of Norwalk’s current landscape standards for single-family residential properties:

  1. Hardscape (such as concrete, pavers, stones, etc.) may cover up to 50% of required residential front yards (maximum 500 square feet).
  2. Artificial turf may cover 70% of the required landscaped areas within residential front yards.
  3. Artificial turf may cover 100% of the parkway within the public right-of-way (that landscaped area between the sidewalk and the curb and gutter) in front of private properties.
  4. Approved water efficient landscape designs within front yards and parkways are allowed.
  5. Loose stones larger than 3/8” are not allowed within 5 feet of the property lines abutting streets or within parkways.
  6. Deteriorated artificial turf must be replaced/repaired upon notification from the City.

Additionally, water efficient landscape designs, which can be self-implemented, are available here.

Residents and businesses with questions can visit the Community Development Department in Room 12 at City Hall, call (562) 929-5744 or e-mail the Planning Division at

The City does not currently offer rebates or incentive programs to help install drought tolerant landscaping or artificial turf. The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California is offering assistance to help make saving water more affordable. Click here to learn more about potential water conservation rebates.

The City of Norwalk adopted the Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance on January 5, 2016 which can be found here.

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