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Norwalk's Logo and Motto Have Been Updated

In 2017, after nearly a year of community outreach, analysis and discussion, the City’s brand was updated to reflect changing priorities andNorwalk_Logo_Color-CMYK public perceptions.  Communications firm Tripepi Smith and Associates facilitated the journey to a new logo, motto and visual identity, establishing a Branding Committee made of a diverse cross section of community members, from clergy to active teens to seniors and business representatives; conducting extensive outreach in the community through social media, online promotion, print media and seven community meetings held in facilities throughout Norwalk; obtaining input from surrounding communities; compiling the complex data; and sharing Brand Teen Centerfindings and proposed branding ideas with the City of Norwalk.

The Branding Committee met on a regular basis to help form the new brand, using input provided through several different community meetings and their own experiences in the community.

Finally, several proposed treatments were presented to City Council, who selected a final logo and motto, “A Connected Community,” on February 21, 2017.

The new logo brings together old and new elements of the city’s brand.  The blue arch reflects the city’s unique characteristics, as a bridge between the past and present, keenly aware of a rich history while moving and changing with technology.  The arch represents movement and connection, illustrating the city’s position as a transportation hub, located in the heart of Southern California at the juncture of four major freeways, the I-5, I-605, the 91 and the 105. 

The logo also echoes Norwalk’s role in getting people where they need to go, connecting them to work, play and family life as the home to the Metrolink Station, Greenline Station and Norwalk Transit System.

The keystone, found at the peak of the logo’s arch, represents Norwalk’s history as a “Keystone City,” or one that not only joins and supports several communities and people, it also serves as the foundation supporting the community.

The motto “A Connected Community” signifies the unique characteristics of Norwalk, a metropolitan city of well over 100,000 residents that still manages to maintain a small-town feeling due to programs, events and activities that bring residents together, strengthening community bonds.  In addition, connections to quality of life are made through strong attention to infrastructure, activities, facilities and services provided to citizens and businesses.

Last, the primary colors of red, white and blue indicate the important role patriotism plays in the lives of our residents. As a city of over 3,000 veterans, Norwalk supports and continues to show the greatest appreciation for the bravery and sacrifices of those who serve our country through the Hometown Heroes program and the Pets for Troops free adoption service through SEAACA.

The city thanks the community for its involvement and participation in the rebranding process. 

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