Art In Public Places

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Art In Public Places Program

Spirit of Progress statue horsesThe intent of the Art in Public Places Program is to provide a collection of nationally recognized, permanent outdoor sculpture throughout the City, to be of public benefit. The program is designed to present the community with a variety of sculpture styles and themes, all of the highest possible quality.

The Art in Public Places program is entirely funded by contractor/developer contributions. Generally speaking, contractors contribute 1% of the project cost toward the Art in Public Places fund for commercial or industrial developments, having a project cost in excess of five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000.00) or residential development of more than four lots or units, including single-family residential structures, condominiums, apartments, townhouses or other dwelling units, if the aggregate project costs exceed five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000.00). The other option is for the contractor to install a public art piece near or around the vicinity, subject to City Council approval.

Google MapsAll of the public art projects funded by the Art in Public Places program are not subsidized by General Funds.

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Below are other photographs of art that can be found throughout the community.

Cynthias panel-resized  Amandas Panel-resized  Angies Panel-resized
Utility Box on Firestone Blvd and San Antonio Dr.

Art in Public Places Utility Box2  Art in Public Places Utility Box2
Utility Box on Studebaker Rd and Leffingwell Dr.

Utility Box - Rosecrans & Shoemaker  Utility Box - Rosecrans & Shoemaker2
Utility Box on Rosecrans Ave and Shoemaker Ave.

Utility Box - Alondra & Gridley  Utility Box - Alondra & Gridley2

Utility Box on Alondra Blvd and Gridley Rd.

Utility Box - Norwalk & Crewe2  Utility Box - Norwalk & Crewe

Utility Box on Norwalk Blvd and Crewe St.

Utility Box - Alondra  Utility Box - Alondra 2

Alondra Library (11949 Alondra Blvd.) 


El Camino Real sculpture 
El Camino Real on Imperial Hwy. at Firestone Blvd.
Look to the Future sign at City Hall
"Look to the Future" at City Hall

Cynthias panel-resized 
Newspaper Boy on Rosecrans Ave.
at Orange St.
Cynthias panel-resized
"Embracing the Community" at the
Social Services Center on Alondra Blvd.
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