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Asian Citrus Psyllid and Huanglongbing

A plant disease that kills citrus trees called Huanglongbing, or HLB, has recently been found in Los Angeles County. A pest called the Asian citrus psyllid feeds on citrus tree leaves and can spread the disease.  Agriculture officials are visiting homes to look for the psyllid and protect trees from HLB. It’s important that we work with these officials to help save our community’s citrus and prevent ongoing disease.

Once a citrus tree has been infected with Huanglongbing, it cannot be cured and, inevitably, it will die. Diseased trees must be removed in order to protect other citrus trees on the property, neighbors’ trees and community citrus trees.

Learn to spot the Asian citrus psyllid. Visit for photos of the pest and inspection tips. Report detections at 800-491-1899. Learn what to expect when officials visit your home or property in the video below.


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